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Being able to interact directly with speakers, experts and other attendees is where the TED memories are made for me. Talking to a museum curator about her work, engaging with a green energy VC about 21st century battery technology

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TED is a place where people comes and learns lots of things which they cannot learn and the learning process is totally done via fun and excitement so people gets impatient for another TED activity.

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This must be very exciting and entertaining event and gives every one idea that how to prepare your selves for doing fun activities. such events should be held to give chance to every one.
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This is the best thing for me! I also want to create a frame wall, which can lead my memory, in my home.

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The biggest advantage of TED is that it spread idea's and collect idea's from common people's to common people's and provide a chance to have good communication between strangers.

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Great post bro. How have you guys been? We hope to see you over the summer holiday. Up for a cottage trip?

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Talking to a museum curator about her work, engaging with a green energy VC about 21st century battery technology,

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